321 321H Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Differents.

321 Stainless Steel: An austenitic stainless steel with the addition of titanium. The presence of titanium helps prevent carbide precipitation at high temperatures, enhancing resistance to intergranular corrosion.

321H Stainless Steel: This is the high-carbon version of 321 stainless steel. It contains a higher carbon content compared to 321, resulting in increased strength at elevated temperatures.

Stainless Steel 321 321H Seamless Pipe Equivalent Grades


SS 321S321001.4541
SS 321HS320191.4878

Stainless Steel 321 321H Seamless Pipe Chemical Composition

SS 3219 – 120.1017 – 190.8 max1 max2 max0.040 max0.030 max4(C+N)
SS 321H9 – 120.1017 – 190.4 – 0.80.75  max2 max0.045 max0.030.70 max


321 Stainless Steel: Commonly used in high-temperature applications such as aerospace engine components,furnace equipment, and chemical processing units.

321H Stainless Steel: Suited for applications with even higher temperature requirements, such as heat exchangers, high-temperature furnace equipment, etc.

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