1995- In 1997, our company was established and named as the state-owned ‘Sakysteel Co.,LTD’, with the business intention of manufacturing hot rolled/cold rolled stainless steel products.


1998- In 1999,As the demand of the market, the company began to supply stainless steel pipe and carbon pipes products.


2001- By 2005, Customers often need metal profile products, in order to meet customer requirement, we began to engaged in stainless steel bar / carbon bar, and supply all kinds of the shape of the profile;


2006- After one year, by 2005, Sakysteel began production in the areas of stainless steel wire/rod ,welding wire/rod. 


2009- Two years later in 2007, started new production lines of stainless wire rope and galvanized cable.


2010- In 2015 launched Sakysteel Co., Ltd, which later began the production of alloy nickle products.


2016- In 2016 Sakysteel Initiated Aluminum products, including Aluminum coil sheet  tube bar etc. 


2017- After one year, set up sakymetal corporation, and started production lines of Copper & Brass products.