SAKY METAL offers a wide array of Chromoly 4130 Pipes, AISI 4130 Steel Pipes, which have some best features to offer such as finely finished, precision – designed, non – corrosive and more. In order to win the rich acclamation of our clients from across the country, we are engrossed in the business of our AISI 4130 Seamless Pipes. These AISI 4130 Welded Pipes are very well known as they are highly resistant to corrosion in the excellent finish, seawater, high strength, and reliability. AISI 4130 EFW Pipes, AISI WERKSTOFF NR. 1.7218 Pipe are made using good quality steel alloys and are offered in different sizes and shapes.

AISI 4130 Pipe, ASTM A29 AISI 4130 Seamless Pipes, UNS G41300 Welded Pipe is a low alloy steel containing molybdenum and chromium as strengthening agents. We stock all 4130 Flanges, AISI 4130 Pipes, 4130 Tubing, 4130 Elbow, 4130 Pipes Fittings, etc. The carbon content is nominally 0.30% and with this relatively low carbon content, the alloy AISI 4130 Pipe, 4130 AISI Pipes, AISI 4130 Seamless Pipes, AISI 4130 Seamless Pipes, AISI 4130 Bush Hex Pipe, ASME SA29 AISI Pipe is excellent from the fusion weldability standpoint. The alloy can be hardened by heat treatment. Typical applications for AISI 4130 Seamless Pipe, 4130 Alloy Pipes, AISI 4130 Welded Pipes, AISI 4130 ERW Pipes, AISI 4130 EFW Pipes, 4130 low alloy steel include structural use such as aircraft engine mounts and welded tubing applications. As per the changing needs and demands of our respected customers, we are highly indulged in bringing forward a huge and commendable collection of these AISI 4130 ERW Pipes and AISI 4130 Pipe Suppliers In China.

AISI 4130 Round Pipes are also being offered in customized range, dimension sizes and shapes to our customers. These AISI 4130 Square Pipes, which has good mechanical properties both at ambient and elevated temperatures of up to 930 Degree F (500 Degree C), is readily fabricated using the common industrial techniques. For applications requiring maximum ductility, our AISI 4130 Rectangular Pipes with low sulfur levels can be supplied by producers using ladle – refining techniques. TubeWell is one of the pioneers exporting houses & dealer in these AISI 4130 Eelctropolish Pipes, which also contains niobium for stabilization against sensitization and resultant intergranular corrosion.

Specifications of 4130 Alloy Steel Seamless Tube:

Size1/8NB TO 24NB IN
StandardsASTM A 106, ASME SA 106, ANSI B36.10
Specialized inLarge Diameter Size
Wall Thickness   Schedule 20 – Schedule XXS (heavier on request) up to 250 mm thk.
FormRound, Square, Rectangular, Hydraulic Etc.
LengthSingle Random, Double Random & Cut Length.
Tubing EndPlain End, Beveled End, Treaded.

Table of Contents

ASTM A106 4130 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Chemical Composition:

StandardGradeChemical Composition (%), ≤ 
ASTM A106/ASME SA106A0.250.27-0.93≥
Mechanical propertiesTensile Strength, MpaYield Strength, Mpa

We could also produce seamless steel pipes according to other standard, such as ASTM A333, DIN 1629, DIN 2391, DIN 17175, EN10305, EN10216, etc.

AISI 41300.28/0.330.40/0.600.0350.0400.20/0.350.80/1.100.15/0.25
AISI 41370.35/0.400.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.80/1.100.15/0.25
AISI 41400.38/0.430.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.80/1.100.15/0.25
AISI 41420.40/0.450.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.80/1.100.15/0.25
AISI 41450.43/0.480.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.80/1.100.15/0.25
AISI 41470.45/0.500.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.80/1.100.15/0.25
AISI 41500.48/0.530.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.80/1.100.15/0.25
AISI 41610.56/0.640.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.70/0.900.25/0.35
AISI 43200.17/0.220.45/0.650.0350.0400.20/0.351.65/2.000.40/0.600.20/0.30
AISI 43400.38/0.430.60/0.800.0350.0400.20/0.351.65/2.000.70/0.900.20/0.30
AISI 44190.18/0.230.45/0.650.0350.0400.20/0.350.45/0.60
AISI 46150.13/0.180.45/0.650.0350.0400.20/0.351.65/2.000.20/0.30
AISI 46200.17/0.220.45/0.650.0350.0400.20/0.351.65/2.000.20/0.30
AISI 46210.18/0.230.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.351.65/2.000.20/0.30
AISI 46260.24/0.290.45/0.650.0350.0400.20/0.350.70/1.000.15/0.25
AISI 47180.16/0.210.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.90/1.200.35/0.550.30/0.40
AISI 47200.17/0.220.50/0.700.0350.0400.20/0.350.90/1.200.35/0.550.15/0.25
AISI 48150.13/0.180.40/0.600.0350.0400.20/0.353.25/3.750.20/0.30
AISI 48170.15/0.200.40/0.600.0350.0400.20/0.353.25/3.750.20/0.30
AISI 48200.18/0.230.50/0.700.0350.0400.20/0.353.25/3.750.20/0.30
AISI 51200.17/0.220.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.70/0.90
AISI 51300.28/0.330.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.80/1.10
AISI 51320.30/0.350.60/0.800.0350.0400.20/0.350.75/1.00
AISI 51350.33/0.380.60/0.800.0350.0400.20/0.350.80/1.05
AISI 51400.38/0.430.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.70/0.90
AISI 51450.43/0.480.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.70/0.90
AISI 51470.46/0.510.70/0.950.0350.0400.20/0.350.85/1.15
AISI 51500.48/0.530.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.70/0.90
AISI 51550.51/0.590.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.70/0.90
AISI 61500.48/0.530.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.80/1.100.15 min.
AISI 86150.13/0.180.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 86170.15/0.200.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 86200.18/0.230.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 86220.20/0.250.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 86250.23/0.280.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 86270.25/0.300.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 86300.28/0.330.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 86370.35/0.400.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 86400.38/0.430.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 86420.40/0.450.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 86450.43/0.480.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 86550.51/0.590.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.15/0.25
AISI 87200.18/0.230.70/0.900.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.20/0.30
AISI 87400.38/0.430.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.20/0.30
AISI 88220.20/0.250.75/1.000.0350.0400.20/0.350.40/0.700.40/0.600.30/0.40
AISI 92540.51/0.590.60/0.800.0350.0401.20/1.600.60/0.80
AISI 92550.51/0.590.70/0.950.0350.0401.80/2.20
AISI 92600.56/0.640.75/1.000.0350.0401.80/2.20


ASTM A106 4130 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Heat Treatment Requirements :

GradeHeat Treatment TypeNormalizing Temperature Range F [C]Subcritical Annealing 
or Tempering
Temperature Range F 

P5 (b,c)Full or Isothermal Anneal  
 Normalize and Temper*****1250 [675]
 Subcritical Anneal (P5c only)*****1325 – 1375 [715 – 745]
P9Full or Isothermal Anneal  
 Normalize and Temper*****1250 [675]
P11Full or Isothermal Anneal  
 Normalize and Temper*****1200 [650]
P22Full or Isothermal Anneal  
 Normalize and Temper*****1250 [675]
P91Normalize and Temper1900-1975 [1040 – 1080]1350-1470 [730 – 800]
 Quench and Temper1900-1975 [1040 – 1080]1350-1470 [730 – 800]

ASTM A106 4130 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Wall Thickness :

NPS [DN] DesignatorTolerance, % from Specified
1/8 to 2 1/2 [6 to 65] incl., all t/D ratios20.0%12.5%
Above 2 1/2  [65], t/D < or = 5%22.5%12.5%
Above 2 1/2  [65], t/D > 5%15.0%12.5%

Remark:(t = Specified Wall Thickness; D = Specified Outside   Diameter)

Why Choose Us:

1. You can get the perfect material according to your requirement at the least possible price.
2. We also offer Reworks, FOB, CFR, CIF, and door to door delivery prices. We suggest you to do deal for shipping which will be quite economical.
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Quality Assurance(including both Destructive and Non-Destructive)

1. Visual Dimension Test
2. Mechanical examining like tensile, Elongation and reduction of area.
3. Impact analysis
4. Chemical examination analysis
5. Hardness test
6. Pitting protection test
7. Penetrant Test
8. Intergranular Corrosion Testing
9. Roughness Testing
10. Metallography Experimental Test


1. Packing is quite important especially in a case of international shipments in which consignment pass through various channels to reach the ultimate destination, so we put special concern regarding packaging.
2. Saky Metal’s pack our goods in numerous ways based on the products. We pack our products in multiple ways, such as,

ASTM 4130 Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes package


Power Plant Boiler

Heat Exchanger

Automobile Components

Oil and Gas

Chemical Industry

Power Plant

Food Industry

Cold-drawn tubes  for Petroleum,pumping cylinder

Cold-drawn tubes for textile,printing and dyeing,transmission tube

Liquid Conveyance

Tunnel Support



Engineering Machinery

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