Aluminum alloy material varieties.

P – stands for plate (plate)
PC——clad plate and clad sheet, such as A2024PC
BE – Ordinary grade extruded bar
BES – special grade drawn bar
BD—ordinary grade drawn bar
BDS – special grade drawn bar
W——ordinary grade drawn wire
WS—— special grade drawn wire
TE—ordinary grade extruded tube
TES – extruded tube (special grade extruded tube)
TD—ordinary grade drawn tube
TDS – special grade drawn tube
TW—ordinary grade welded tube
TWS——welded tube (special grade drawn tube)
FD——die forging
FH – free forging (hand forging)
PB – rolling bus (plate bus)
SB——extruded common-grade corner busbar (shape bus)
BY – welding rod (wire)
WY—— electrode (rod), non-melting electrode, used for inert gas shielded welding.

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