Stainless steel welded pipe application.

Professional large factory customized aluminum tray, welded frozen aluminum tray, fish and shrimp quick-frozen aluminum tray, easy to fall off

In order to overcome the disadvantages of the prior art, a new type of aluminum freezer box is provided. The aluminum freezer box is made by stretching an entire aluminum plate and is composed of a lower container and a box cover, and an oxidation solution is coated on the box body and the box cover. There are protrusions on the periphery of the lid, and six holes are provided in the plane of the lid to increase the contact with the outside, so that the temperature drops rapidly. When the lid needs to be closed, the lid is closed; when the lid is not closed, the lower container is closed. Can be used alone.

The aluminum pans produced by our factory are widely used in freezing processing industries such as aquatic products, seafood, meat products, agricultural and sideline products, and quick-frozen food.This product is used for freezing and refrigerating processing. Since the thermal conductivity of aluminum itself is greatly superior to other materials, it can speed up the freezing speed and improve work efficiency. Due to the entire aluminum plate production, the freezing plate is not easy to break, the inside is not easy to bulge, and the demolding becomes easier. The freezing time is 1/3 faster than the freezing plate of other materials, which can greatly improve work efficiency. Has a high environmental performance, waste frozen plates
Can be recycled and reused.

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