Duplex stainless steel pipe S32760 and S32750, double guarantee of corrosion resistance and strength.

S32760 and S32750 are high-end duplex stainless steel materials, and their alloys contain a relatively high proportion of elements such as chromium, nickel and molybdenum, which make them have excellent corrosion resistance. This material is suitable for marine environments with high chloride content, as well as highly corrosive media in the chemical, oil and gas fields. In salty, fluorine-containing and sulfur-containing environments, S32760 and S32750 duplex stainless steel pipes exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, providing durable and stable protection for engineering projects.

Duplex Steel S32760 S32750 Pipe Tube Equivalent Grades


Duplex Steel S32760 S32750 Pipe Tube Chemical Composition


These duplex stainless steel tubes also possess excellent strength and mechanical properties. Their high-strength properties allow these pipes to perform well under high pressure and heavy loads, and are widely used in high-temperature, high-pressure industrial equipment and piping systems.

Due to the double protection of S32760 and S32750 duplex stainless steel pipes, more and more engineers and designers are beginning to choose these high-performance materials to replace traditional materials. In the fields of offshore engineering, chemical installations, oil and gas transmission, etc., these pipes provide a reliable solution for the reliability and durability of engineering projects.

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