Inner Grooved Copper Tube

SAKY Metal inner grooved copper tube’s compact structure, the highly precise dimension, the normative and integrity groove shape, the low interior surface residuum, etc., the inside surface area increases 65~100% than that of the same specification of plain copper tube, the heat transfer coefficient is about 1.82.0 times of that of the same specification of the plain tube, inner grooved copper tube is widely applied to the Air Conditioner, the Assembly Type Air Conditioning Unit, the Residential Central Air Conditioning, Show Case Refrigerator which is in conformance with the developing tendency of the Air Conditioner and Refrigerator to the high efficiency, the energy saving.

Inner Grooved copper tube is to improve the heat transfer characteristics of copper tubes and heat exchangers, the inner surface of the tube is provided with spirally running grooves. The heat transfer coefficient of these tubes is about 2~3 times higher than that of the same specification of a plain tube. Increased internal surface area, turbulent flow of refrigerant and uniform distribution of refrigerant around the periphery of the tube cause increment of efficiency. By using the I.G tubes in fin block heat exchangers, the efficiency of the heat exchanger can be increased up to 30% depending on the application. In general, advantages that can be gained from usage of I.G tubes are: smaller unit size with unchanged efficiency, saving in material cost, space savings, smaller fan, and reduced noise level, smaller compressors, and energy saving.

Specifications of inner grooved copper tube :

1. Standard: AS 1571, ASTM B280, ASTM B68 Inner Grooved, JIS H3300,ASTM B-68, GB/T 20928

2. Outside diameter: 5.0mm – 50.00mm

3. Inner diameter: 4.3mm – 14.22mm

4. Bottom wall thickness: 0.20mm – 0.50 mm

5. Fin Height: 6mm to 12 mm

6. Fin Pitch: 7,9,10…13,14mm Fin Per Inch

7. Length: up to 15meter

8. Grade: Aluminum, Copper(C12200), Duplex tubes

9.Unit Weight: 34kg -270 kg

10. Package: packed individually by reel, 6-7 coils packed by one pallet

Note: Customized sizes and shapes are accepted.

Table of Contents


O.D.Bottom Wall Thickness TwFin Groove Depth Hf
0.157540.008~ 0.0120.20 ~ 0.300.004~ 0.0060.10 ~ 0.15
0.18754.760.008~ 0.0140.20 ~ 0.350.004~ 0.0060.10 ~ 0.15
0.19750.008~ 0.0140.20 ~ 0.350.004~ 0.0060.10 ~ 0.15
0.236360.008~ 0.0140.20 ~ 0.350.004~ 0.0080.10 ~ 0.20
0.256.350.008~ 0.0140.20 ~ 0.350.004~ 0.0080.10 ~ 0.20
0.27570.01~ 0.0160.20 ~ 0.410.004~ 0.0100.10 ~ 0.25
0.31257.940.01~ 0.0160.20 ~ 0.410.004~ 0.0100.10 ~ 0.25
0.3759.520.01~ 0.0160.20 ~ 0.460.004~ 0.0120.10 ~ 0.30

Please be noted:

Apex Angle(Tolerance) α 30 ~ 90
Helix Angle Deg(Tolerance)β15 ~ 30
Number of Tooth(Number) 40 ~ 70


Bottom Wall Thickness
Groove Depth Hf
Number of GrooveInclination Angle
Fin Angle

Note: This is just part of the standard parameters of our products. Please contact our Engineer if you need more

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Quality Assurance(including both Destructive and Non-Destructive)

1. Visual Dimension Test
2. Mechanical examining like tensile, Elongation and reduction of area.
3. Impact analysis
4. Chemical examination analysis
5. Hardness test
6. Pitting protection test
7. Penetrant Test
8. Intergranular Corrosion Testing
9. Roughness Testing
10. Metallography Experimental Test


1. Packing is quite important especially in a case of international shipments in which consignment pass through various channels to reach the ultimate destination, so we put special concern regarding packaging.
2. Saky Metal’s pack our goods in numerous ways based on the products. We pack our products in multiple ways, such as,


1 Leak proof

2 Long lasting

3 Accurate groove designs

4 Corrosion resistant

5 High metallurgical strength

6 High temperature resistant

7 High pressure resistant

8 Excellent heat transfer property

9 Good electrical conductivity, etc.


Applications of Inner Grooved Copper Tubing:

Air Conditioner,

the Assembly Type Air Conditioning

Unit, the Residential Central Air Conditioning,

Show Case Refrigerator and so on.

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