Nickle-base Seamless Tube & Pipe 

Corrosion Resistant Alloy Pipeline & Casing

Nickle-base Seamless Tube & Pipe:

Nickel base alloy has high alloy content , such as Cr,Ni, Mo and so on, it has good comprehensive properties in high temperature and high corrosive environment,such as; strong resistance to acid alkali corrosion ability;good resistance to high temperature corrosion.stress corrosion;some has good corrosion resistance in reducing medium and oxidation media…..

Stainless steel welded pipe application 

Stainless steel welded pipe application:

No matter what your transportation needs, Sakymetal can provide the equipment to meet your requirements. If you do not have clear objectives, we can discuss with you to design your exclusive pipeline solutions. This commitment to our product line and Sakymetal than 20 years of industry experience backing…

Aluminum Tray Pans 

Professional large factory customized aluminum tray, welded frozen aluminum tray, fish and shrimp quick-frozen aluminum tray, easy to fall off

Aluminum Tool Box for Trailer Tongue ATV Truck Pickup Storage

Lightweight aluminum tool box can be perfectly installed in pick-up trucks, trailers, pump trucks, etc. to store a variety of tools, such as loading and unloading tools, wood, safety chains, jacks, wrenches, crowbars, and even holiday camping supplies…

Super Duplex S32707 Seamless Pipe physical properties 

The 2707HD Duplex steel is a special super duplex stainless steel. The corresponding UNS grade is S32707 stainless steel. The special super duplex stainless steel is used to solve the problem of the local corrosion resistance and strength of the heat-resistant chloride of super duplex stainless steel.

How to Calculate Stainless Carbon Alloy Products Theoretical Weight?

Stainless Carbon Alloy Products,Shape:Sheet,Flat,Round,Square,Pipe etc;Theoretical Weight Calculate.