What are the classifications of copper rods?

1.Brass rod
Brass rod is made of an alloy of copper and zinc and is yellow in color. Brass rods have relatively good mechanical properties and wear resistance, and are mostly used in the manufacture of precision instruments, auto parts, ship parts, medical parts, cartridge cases, electrical accessories and various mechanical supporting materials, automobile synchronizer rings, etc.
2. Copper rod
Red copper has a relatively higher copper content and can generally be considered as pure copper. It has good electrical conductivity and plasticity, but relatively poor strength and hardness. Because the electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of red copper are second only to silver, it is mainly used to make electrical and thermal conductive equipment.
3. Bronze Rod
Bronze rods have high strength and hardness at room temperature and below 400°C, and have relatively good electrical and thermal conductivity. They are easy to process and form. They are mostly used in high-temperature conductive and wear-resistant parts of electrical equipment, such as motor commutators, high-temperature switches, and welding machines. electrodes, etc.
4. White copper rod
White copper rod is a continuous solid solution formed by copper and nickel. Ordinary white copper rod has relatively good corrosion resistance, medium strength, high plasticity, can be processed by hot and cold pressure, and has good electrical properties. In addition to being used as a structural material, it is also an important high resistance and Thermocouple Alloys.

C22600 Brass Round Bar    C51000 Phosphor Bronze Bar    C63200 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Bar

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