What kind of steel is secc?

1. Secc is a kind of stamping material, that is, a zinc layer is coated on the surface of the cold-rolled sheet. The general thickness of the sheet is 0.4~3.2mm. The applicable grade of Japan’s electro-galvanized thin steel sheet is SECC (original sheet SPCC), SECD (original sheet SPCD) , SECE original plate SPCE, zinc layer code, E8,, E16, E24, E32, Secc is mainly used in automobiles, body panels, radios, fans, air filters, filters, fuel tanks, household appliances and office machines.

2. Secc can be used for doors, wall partitions, keels in construction, agricultural machinery and industrial robots in production machinery, and wall decoration in operating rooms in clean industry, and it can also be used for electrical distribution, oil storage tanks, and motor covers , Steel furniture bottom plate.

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