What should be done to prevent corrosion of brass pipes?

Advantages of brass tubes: Copper tubes are hard, not easy to corrode, are resistant to high temperatures and high pressures, and can be used in a variety of environments. In comparison, the shortcomings of many other pipes are obvious. For example, galvanized steel pipes, which were commonly used in residential buildings in the past, are easily corroded. After a short period of use, the tap water will turn yellow and the water flow will become smaller. The strength of some materials will rapidly decrease at high temperatures, which may cause unsafe risks when used in hot water pipes. The melting point of copper is as high as 1083 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the hot water system is insignificant to copper pipes.

Brass tubes are lightweight, have good thermal conductivity, and have high low-temperature strength. Often used in the manufacture of heat exchange equipment (such as condensers, etc.). It is also used to assemble low-temperature pipelines in oxygen production equipment. Small-diameter copper pipes are often used to transport pressured liquids (such as lubrication systems, oil pressure systems, etc.) and pressure measuring tubes used as instruments. Brass tubes are strong and corrosion-resistant.

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